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As Autumn and winter is fast approaching, cyclists start to prepare for those chilly rides.

One often overlooked but essential winter cycling item is the shoe cover.

With a dizzying array of options available it can be hard to know what to choose.

Thermal cycling overshoes

Heavy-duty neoprene shoe covers designed to act as a wetsuit for your feet, keeping them warm on the coldest days. We have different cuts and styles as well as thickness depending on how cold your rides get. No one likes cold feet on a ride and these shoe covers will stop that. If you live in a place with cold winters and you don’t have shoes covers of some description this could be a game changer, safe to say it’s one of the best additions for your winter kit you can buy.

Soft shell/windproof

Designed for less cold weather, when you want to keep your feet dry and protected from wind chill but not too overheated. Also, they protect your expensive shoes from road dirt and spray. These should fit skin tight, even they should be hard to put on, you don’t want them to be loose and cover your cleats. The latest models are almost disposable after the season. They are perfect for rides when it’s been raining to keep your shoes dry and your feet warm.

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Toe covers

Another option often favored by many pro riders, this minimal cover keeps your toes warm, protecting from wind chill, but allows your heel and ankle to breathe. An option often not considered, a highly specialized piece of kit but extremely useful especially if your shoes are highly vented, which is great in the summer but less so in the winter. Another big plus is you can still adjust your shoes with the toe cover, if you like to change your shoe setting during a ride.

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