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A mid or second layer is normally a lycra jersey of some description.

And in fact, if it is not really hot or freezing, these would be your only layer. Again here, many options both low and high-tech exist. And more recently, due to better technology, generally the middle layer tends to be a less bulky item than in previous years. If your base layer or layers have been well-chosen, you would not need a very heavy weight second layer.

Cycling jersey

Should be worn tight and often cut for your position on the bike. There are many options regarding thickness and material type, at the cutting-edge options can even be more or less aerodynamic. For all second layer options pockets on the back are very useful, and I prefer a full-length zip.

That layer exists in myriad options to suit your preferences and budgets: long sleeve, short sleeve, half zip, full zip, pockets, pockets with zips, different high-tech options with panels of different materials of different qualities. Windproof, thermal. And in recent years many companies have been working on a less race orientated designs like Gobik and Santini.

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