Pactimo Human Powered Health Blue Unisex Team Drawstring Bag

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Key Information
Brand: Pactimo
ProTeam: Human Powered Health
Gender: Unisex
Colour: Blue
Season: All season
Cycling Style: Road cycling
Condition: New : New, no tags.
Model wearing size - Model height cm
Introducing the Team Drawstring Bag, the perfect accessory for all serious road cyclists from Pactimo's Team Issue collection. Crafted with a robust design and advanced materials, this bag can withstand the demands of even the most intense rides. Boasting a striking blue color, it serves as a statement piece of team memorabilia. Its unisex design and adaptable sleeve type make it suitable for all riders. Whether you're training in the scorching summer heat or braving the cold winds of winter, this bag is the quintessential all-season accessory. Strategically designed for road cycling, it enhances your endurance, speed, and tactical performance.

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