Shimano Black Unisex Tiagra Sora BR-4600 R50T2 Brake Shoe Set

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Key Information
Brand: Shimano
Cycling Style: Road cycling
Condition: New
Introducing the Tiagra Sora BR-4600 R50T2 Brake Shoe Set from Shimano. Designed with the professional cyclist in mind, this set provides long-lasting, durable performance on the road. The sleek black color adds a professional touch to any cycling setup. Featuring a sleeve type fit, these brake shoes are compatible with a variety of road bikes. Engineered to excel in all seasons, this product is reliable in any weather condition. Its design is tailored for road cycling, offering increased endurance, speed, and tactical performance. Whether you're competing in races or embarking on group rides, trust the Tiagra Sora BR-4600 R50T2 set to elevate your performance. Embrace the ultimate combination of style and functionality with this powerhouse product.
Ref: 00026747 9-F-6

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