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Just as with many sports, cycling has its own special clothing, often extremely technical and highly distinctive.

Points and race jerseys - Cycling Memorabilia

The most famous is the maillot jaune, or yellow jersey, worn by the overall time leader in the world’s most prestigious race, the Tour De France. Other jerseys are awarded for points, being the best climber and to the youth rider with the best overall time. Across all the big races, wearing one of these jerseys can be a career-defining moment. To match the speed with which the leaders change at each stage, the jerseys are printed up in 10 minutes inside a van that follows the race.


Clubs are where people go to learn the skills to join a team or just to socialise and go on organised rides. They might compete in races but there is no strategy like in a team. Cycling clubs all over the world have seen a massive surge in members ship in the last few years. Most clubs have a jersey and these are proudly worn to show membership.

Classic team Jerseys

Cycling teams race together using tactics to help the team leader win the race. The success (or failure!) of the team’s strategy attracts new sponsors which can mean a complete kit revamp. Jersey colours and designs can also change to shake off the association of a losing streak or when key members leave. Whatever the reason, the pundits will be sure to analyse every kit down to the smallest dot or line with as much fervour as any Paris Fashion Week critic.

Over the years some designs have become synonymous with legendary and successful teams and have become classic retro looks including past sponsors as well.

National Team jerseys

The winners of national cycling championships recognised by the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) are awarded a jersey designed around the host nations’ flag. Winners get to wear the champion’s jersey until the following year’s event and are often obligated to wear it at press events. Strict rules govern how much space is allowed for the sizing and placement of sponsor logos. After their winning year, riders can incorporate the national champion styling only on the armbands and neckline of their jerseys.

Vintage Cycling jerseys

Vintage collectibles can refer to anything from teams that no longer exist to kit from clubs that have changed their design. We carry vintage jerseys from the 1970s onwards, which was when technology really started changing the look of the gear. Before the 1950s, not much changed in jersey style but then the addition of acrylic into the wool mix and the adoption of the zip started to influence design. At that time, stitched panels limited the amount of design and colours jerseys could have and only simple logos could be embroidered on top. But, in the 1970s, the design potential exploded with the development of direct-to-garment printing techniques. The new speed with which jerseys could be made also ushered in the concept of race-specific jerseys.

Thanks to our enviable position, embedded within the pro cycling hub of Girona, Pro Cycling Outlet has been able to amass a collection of unique and hard-to-find cycling apparel. With everything from elite club and team jerseys to prestigious national, points and race jerseys, all types of Cycling clothing, it’s more and more popular to show your support to a team, a rider or nation. Let’s get you kitted out!

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