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At Pro Cycling Outlet, when we talk about pro kit, we’re talking about the real deal. We mean actual kit worn by the elite riders and Pro-Teams, kit that separates the performance of great riders from world-beating champions. When the pros knock a few seconds off their personal best or ascend a difficult climb with ease, it’s not just down to their superhuman training schedule. Their performance is partly down to the cutting edge technology and design of their kit. Why wouldn’t you want to get a bit of that edge for yourself by wearing their clothes?

The cycling world’s debate around wearing pro kit has been around long enough that most people know where they stand by now. But whichever side you’re on, it’s worth remembering that the argument is only talking about replica pro kit. Kit that carries the basic design, colours and advertising slogans that make team kits stand out in competitions. Kit designed for the pros, has some very distinct advantages.


Better fabric and fit Cycling Clothing

Pro kit is tried and tested under a huge variety of conditions to hone the fabric and fit to race-winning standard. The fabric alone can give a 10 or 15 watt advantage in skin and race suits. Likewise, pro kit is often tailored to fit for better aerodynamics. Given that many riders wear their lycra a couple of sizes too big, a tailored ex-pro suit could really reduce drag and boost performance. 

Higher comfort Bib shorts

Another key factor in pro performance is the engineering that goes into creating a more comfortable, longer-lasting, more hygienic chamois. Some of these improvements might filter down to the mass market eventually. Others will never reach the average rider because they’re too expensive or difficult to reproduce. Even if the replicas match the pro level, buying secondhand pro kit means you can beat the products to market by as much as two seasons.

More variety for riding accessories

Pro kit also comes in far more varieties than replica kit. Pro technical garments like shoes covers come in different thicknesses for every kind of temperature and weather condition imaginable. There are hundreds of variations, all tested and proven to enhance performance compared with the handful of thicknesses usually found in replica covers.


Cheaper Sale Prices

We’ve been able to amass a vast collection of kit from the elite riders and teams. Thanks to sponsor changes or new team designs, pro cycling kit comes to us in great condition, sometimes barely or never worn. In cycling you can always spend a lot of money, but what’s available to the general public is a fraction of the quality and technology that goes into kitting out the top cyclists. Secondhand pro kit gives you priceless quality for less money than top-tier replicas.

Browsing the latest cycling kit ranges, you can’t help but notice brands throwing the word “pro” into the product names or collaborating with pro cyclists to design apparel. Smart marketing maybe, but nothing can match actual, genuine pro kit that was designed especially for the top riders. Kit that has been rigorously tested and refined to yield record-breaking advantages can give you an edge over other cyclists that replica kit never will.

It’s an advantage that has traditionally been off-limits to regular cycling folks but, with our unique vantage point, with our online cycling outlet at the centre of professional cycling in Europe, we can literally kit you out like a pro and #makeprokitcoolagain.

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