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Whether you’re on a guided tour or DIYing the many cycling routes around Girona, the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees, you’re cycling the same routes the pros train on. 

Maybe you’re even rubbing shoulders with them while you’re grabbing a coffee at Federal Cafe eating breakfast at La Comuna or refuelling with dinner at Hors Categorie

Here are 3 more ways to supercharge your holiday for that pro cyclist experience.

Get a pro bike fit

road cycling in Girona


Ideally, you’d get a bike fit done 2–4 weeks before your trip so your body has time to adjust to the changes in stem and saddle height, and handlebar and pedal position. This will help prevent overuse injuries and enhance the performance of your lungs and muscles. 

However, you could get a bike fit done at the end of your trip in Girona by the same teams who service the pros. Next time you come, you and your bike will be like one finely-honed machine. 

Alternatively, they could carry out the bike fit at the beginning of your trip so you know what changes to make later and then reverse all but one or two of them for this holiday. That way you won’t feel like you’re riding a new bike and experience any soreness as your body gets used to it. 

Book a fit with Science to Sport or with former champion cyclist Emi Molina.

Book a specialist cycling massage

If you’re on a one week trip, riding every day to make the most of all the amazing routes Girona has to offer, the chances are you’ll be riding longer and harder than you do normally. You’re going to feel it, maybe not during your trip (if you’re lucky) but definitely when you get home. 

So do what the pros do and get a massage. While a regular massage will still feel nice and relaxing, upgrading to a professional sports massage from a soigneur (a masseuse who works with the pro teams) to get a “flush” massage will really aid your recovery.

This kind of massage flushes toxins from the body by encouraging lymphatic drainage and venous return (the flow of blood back to the heart ). It also stimulates hormones and neurotransmitters that work to reduce pain and bring the body back to homeostasis.

Girona physio Kat Stene recommends booking a flush massage for the middle of your trip to get the most out of it. Regular cyclsits can book a flush massage with the soigneurs at her clinic, Forca 13 if you let them know that's you’re looking for. 

Buy some ex-pro kit

Come and check out our Pro Cycling Outlet Aladdin’s cave of pro jerseys, shorts, shoes and covers. 

We don't sell replica kit. We sell secondhand, actual kit worn by the elite riders and teams, kit that separates the performance of great riders from world-beating champions. 

You might knock a few seconds off your personal best thanks to kit that has been rigorously tested and refined to yield record-breaking advantages. It’s also more comfortable and offers a range of variations designed for every terrain and weather condition imaginable.

Or you might just love the feeling of knowing you’re out on the roads wearing kit that isn’t available on the mass market, for a fraction of the price of replica kit.

Even the pros might notice you’re wearing the latest gear and ask you about it.

Check out our Video.

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