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Cyclists are both easy and impossible to buy presents for. 

Easy in that there are hundreds of things they’ll love at a range of prices, starting from the under 10€ mark and going up to whatever the limits of your generosity are. But, buying for cyclists can be really difficult if you don’t know much about cycling or aren’t sure what they’ve already got. 

Here are a few ideas to start you off.

Riding Accessories

There are things cyclists always need and will always appreciate. A typical enthusiast can get through six tires a year and encounter numerous punctures so spare tires, inner tubes, multi-use tools and repair kits make inexpensive gifts that always go down well. 

Bike bottles might recently have become caught up in controversy with the UCI’s 2021 ruling that banned pros from the tradition of throwing bottles to spectators, but they still make good presents. 

As well as this classic Cycling mug of course.

Cycling Clothing

As far as clothing goes, the options are endless but you need to do a bit of casual research on the recipient to safely choose for them. 


First you want to know what kind of riding – road or mountain biking – they’re doing and what the likely weather conditions are. Cycling Jerseys, cycling Bib shorts, Cycling shoes and gloves come in many different thicknesses and styles depending on the type of cycling. 

Also the kit fit is really important and goes beyond standard clothes sizing. Cycling kit needs to fit best when the rider is in the saddle, and is meant to be slightly uncomfortable when walking upright. Even gloves, if they’re too tight or too loose based, can chafe or cause blisters. If you can sneakily measure their palm we can help you get the right size. If in doubt, buy a size larger rather than smaller.

The good news is: you can’t go too wrong with cycling socks as a present as long as you know whether they’ll be worn in warm or cold weather.

Gift cards



If you can’t decide what to buy, or you’re worried about getting it wrong, a gift card is the perfect present. Our Pro Cycling Outlet warehouse is an Aladdin’s cave of cycling apparel and equipment and half the fun for a cycling enthusiast is in choosing what to buy. 

With a gift card you’re not only giving them the present itself, you’re treating them to the experience of choosing from a huge and constantly-changing array of ex-pro treasures. Gift cards come in denominations of 10€, 20€, 50€ and 100€ and can be used to buy any of the goods on our website. Choosing ex-pro gear is an experience in itself that’s a priceless window into the hidden world of pro cycling. 

If you’re not a cycling fan yourself, it might be hard to imagine, but trust us, millionaires and pros alike get excited about the elite kit that comes through the warehouse. 

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