EF-Education-NIPPO-Clothing Pro Cycling Outlet

Revolving around key elements and creative collaborations, Team EF NIPPO and its sister team Team EF Easypost are known for their distinctive and vibrant cycling kits.

  • Innovative Designs:
  • Avant-garde and unconventional are two terms often used to describe this team's kit.  Why? Collaborations with various artists and designers create a cycling clothing brand that stands out from the traditional team jerseys.  Unique and eye-catching designs that often tell a story or convey a message.

  • Colourful Aesthetics:
  • The use of bright colors aligns with team Team EF NIPPO’s philosophy of bringing creativity and fun to professional cycling .. and, makes them easily recognisable in the peloton!

  • Sponsor Integration:
  • Incorporating the logos and branding of its sponsors, including EF Education and NIPPO Corporation, the placement of the logos is strategic and designed to maintain balance with the overall aesthetics of the kit.

  • Comfort and Performance:
  • From jerseys, bib shorts, and jackets to their casual wear, the clothing from Team EF NIPPO are constructed from advanced materials that wick away moisture, provide aerodynamic advantages and offer a comfortable fit for long hours in the saddle. 

  • Team Identity:
  • Promoting individuality and a sense of adventure, Team EF NIPPO’s unique approach to cycling fashion is a deliberate effort to break away from the traditional norms whilst representing the team's identity and values.

  • Collaborations and Limited Editions:
  • Everyone loves a special edition or limited-edition piece of clothing so why not cycling kit? Collaborations with artists, designers or brands generate excitement among fans and collectors and continue to showcase the team’s commitment to creativity on and off the bike.

  • Storytelling Through Design:
  • Often telling a story or conveying a message, designs may draw inspiration from the host country, team goals or cultural elements, ensuring each design is inspired and unique. 

    Grab your favourite piece of Team EF NIPPO from our website and ride in style and comfort.

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