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From humble beginnings, think aluminium with a cork stopper, to the aerodynamic design of today  Cycling water bottles, or "bidons" as they're commonly known in the cycling world, are an essential piece of equipment for riders. Whether it’s filled with water, sports drink or an electrolyte solution, riders of all levels need one.

Where does the word ‘bidon’ come from?

Just after World War One bidons first appeared in French cycling culture, and simply meant ‘bottle’ or ‘container’.  The term was later adopted by the cycling community worldwide and we pay homage to the sport’s rich heritage every time we use it.

What bottles/bidons do pro cyclists use?

Pro cyclists usually have specially designed bottles provided by their team sponsors.  They are typically lightweight, aerodynamic, and feature a squeezable design for easy hydration.   Brands such as Tacx, Elite, and CamelBak are popular choices among pro teams for their innovative bottle designs and reliable performance.

As essential as air in your tyres, chamois in your bib shorts, or a helmet on your head, you will see a bidon or two on every cyclist's bike from professionals to those cruising by on their ‘townie’. 

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