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We frequently receive questions about the inner workings of professional cycling, particularly amidst the intense competition among top teams on the road and now that cycling is receiving more and more coverage than ever. Here I have tried to answer as many of these questions as possible, if I have missed anything please let me know:

1. What bikes do EF Education ride? EF Education-NIPPO entrusts Cannondale bikes for their racing, harnessing the advanced technology and performance features of Cannondale bikes to gain a competitive edge on the road.

5. How many teams are on the World Tour cycling? The Men's WorldTour cycling circuit features 18 elite teams, showcasing the pinnacle of cycling excellence and competing in prestigious races worldwide.

6. What are the 4 grand tours in cycling? The four Grand Tours in cycling are the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, Vuelta a España, and Tour de Suisse, representing the zenith of stage racing in professional cycling.

7. What is the difference between UCI Pro and World Tour? UCI Pro and WorldTour teams differ in their level of competition, with WorldTour teams participating in major races worldwide and adhering to strict UCI regulations, while UCI Pro teams focus on regional or continental races.

8. What are the different levels of professional cycling? Professional cycling encompasses various levels, including WorldTour, UCI Pro, and Continental teams, each representing different tiers of competition and status within the cycling hierarchy.

9. What are cycling levels? Cycling levels refer to the hierarchical structure of professional cycling, ranging from WorldTour teams competing in top-tier races to Continental teams participating in regional competitions.

10. How do you become a top cyclist? Becoming a top cyclist requires dedication, discipline, and talent, coupled with rigorous training, strategic race planning, and opportunities to showcase skills in competitive environments.

11. What is Category 4 in cycling? Category 4 in cycling refers to the skill level classification system used in road racing, with Category 4 representing entry-level racers who are new to competitive cycling.

12. How does road bike racing work? Road bike racing involves teams or individual cyclists competing in races on paved roads, ranging from one-day classics to multi-stage events, with strategies involving tactics, teamwork, and endurance.

13. How do you train for road bike racing? Training for road bike racing involves a combination of structured workouts, long rides, interval training, and specific drills tailored to improve endurance, strength, and speed on the bike.

14. How fast do road bike racers go? Road bike racers can reach average speeds exceeding 40-50 kilometers per hour (25-31 miles per hour) during flat stages or sprints, with descents and time trials often seeing even higher velocities.

15. What is the biggest cycling tournament in the world? The biggest cycling tournament in the world is widely considered to be the Tour de France. It is an annual multi-stage bicycle race primarily held in France, but it often passes through neighboring countries as well. The Tour de France attracts top cyclists from around the globe and garners immense international attention, making it the most prestigious and widely followed cycling event globally. The race typically covers around 3,500 kilometers (2,200 miles) over the course of three weeks, with stages ranging from flat sprints to grueling mountain climbs.


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