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Dynamic Galli Grease Pro has been developed to lubricate and protect all ball bearings on the bike. The lubricating and protective properties of this grease prevent rusting and wear in the area of ​​the bearings. This premium grease protects your bearings from salt and electrolytes. Dynamic Galli Grease Pro is water-repellent and can be used at all temperatures without any problems. The perfect viscosity contributes to the fact that the grease can stay in the ball bearings for a very long time.

The Dynamic Galli Grease Pro has been optimized to grease all bearings on your bike, such as hubs, bottom brackets, headsets and pedals. The premium grease can also be used perfectly on all axles, suspension forks and suspension seat posts. All dynamic greases can also be used 100% for carbon components.

  • Sold individually.

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