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Selling secondhand gear

Ever thought you’d upgrade your cycling kit if only it was a bit cheaper to buy? Or that your replica kit doesn’t feel quite as swish as you thought it would when you saw the pros wearing it? 

Pro Cycling Outlet has the answer to both problems: secondhand pro gear. Not only can we make kitting yourself out cheaper by offering you quality used and unused cycling attire made especially for the pro teams, but we’ll also take your old stuff off your hands and pay you for it.

Why sell your gear to us?

If you’re based in the EU, we buy whatever you’ve got, whatever condition it’s in, whether it’s that jersey you don’t wear anymore, those gloves that never fit properly or the sunglasses you bought because they looked good on Marcel Kittel. It’s scarily easy to spend money on cycling gear but, until now, at least within Europe, it’s not been easy to make money back on it. We’ll help you make a few euros, clear out some space and avoid the hassle of trying to flog your cycling gear on Facebook. Simply tell us what you’ve got and what condition it’s in, we’ll offer you a quote and, if you accept, we’ll pay for the shipping to collect it for assessment.

The best part is, as long as your pre-loved kit is as described, we’ll pay you the agreed price within four days – no waiting for it to find a new owner. Once it’s off your hands, all you have to do is wait for the money to hit your bank or Paypal account. Or, if you want to funnel your windfall back into cycling, take your money as store credit and treat yourself to some pro kit from our shop.

How it works?

Tell us what you have

We will send you a form, so you can list the items that you have for sale and the condition. It is important to be as accurate as possible please (New in original packaging, New out of box, used etc.) and include any defects or issues. This will help us to assess and create you an estimated quote. Contact us at [email protected]

Send us your kit

If you are happy with our estimated offer, we will send you a label, so you can ship to us for free.


Our team of trained cycle industry experts with many years experience assessing, valuing and selling cycling kits will assess the kit to make sure it’s all in the condition described and then within 4 working days get back to you with a confirmed price. Note any items incorrectly described can affect the value.

Get paid

If you are happy with the finalized price, we can arrange payment as either Pro Cycling Outlet store credit or via a bank or PayPal transfer.

Please, Make sure to check the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of this page. 

Why buy secondhand from us?

We are the only Girona Pro Team reseller, based in the Cycling Capital of Europe home to several Pro teams and countless riders. We source and collect pro kit from teams and riders all over the continent. With ex-pro kit, you’re wearing a piece of cycling history at lower prices than replicas. Pro kit is higher quality and made to higher-tech specs than replica kit, for example with better chamois, higher quality and more variety of lenses or tailored fitting. Even better, you might beat the mass-market version by buying the pro version from us before it’s available to the public.

Be part of the growing movement to #makeprokitcoolagain (not that we at Pro Cycling Outlet ever agreed it wasn’t cool!). Boot covers that scaled the Col de Spandelles in last year’s Tour de France? Pure maillot jaune gold dust. Not to mention that a lot of this kit would otherwise be discarded by teams. We don’t let any of it go to waste as we donate any usable secondhand kit that we can’t sell to the Latvian Cycling Federation Junior team.

Terms & Conditions

1. We rely on a good and accurate description of the items you wish to sell to generate the estimated quote. If the items are incorrectly described this can give a difference between the estimated and finalized quote.

2. We generate a finalised quote based on the actual condition of the items when we receive them. IF an item has been incorrectly listed the value will be different from the estimated quote. If there is a difference between the estimated and finalised quote we will give details explaining the difference.

3. Any items we consider to be unsaleable can either be returned at the cost of the customer or donated to our kit for juniors program.

4. Any items damaged in shipping will be returned and we cannot take responsibility for any damage that occurred during shipping.

5. We will email with the confirmed and finalized quote within 4 working days of our receipt of the package.

6. We only consider itineraries with 10 or more items.

7. Itineraries must be from 2018 or newer.

8. We consider itineraries from Original Pro Cycling Teams or kit from the specified brands here.

1. We will pay for the shipping of the items to use for assessment.

2. We are not responsible for any items incorrectly packed and any damage that occurs during shipping.

3. We do not cover the return shipping costs, So please be as accurate as possible with the descriptions.

1. Once the Final price has been agreed we will arrange payment within 4 working days.

2. Payment can be made by bank transfer or Paypal.

3. We will require a name, address and ID number (passport or identity card) to process payment.

4. We can also offer store credit, you would receive a code to use on the Pro cycling outlet site to the agreed value.