SIS Vanilla Rego Whey Protein 1.35kg

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Introducing the SIS Vanilla Rego Whey Protein! This top-of-the-line protein powder is a must-have for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Designed with top of the line professional quality, this brand new Vanilla Rego Whey Protein will take your workout recovery to the next level. Say goodbye to post-workout fatigue and hello to faster muscle repair and growth. 

The REGO Whey Protein powder contains 22g of quality whey protein and is designed to help you repair your body after short, less intense bursts of exercise.  

Shorter, less intense sessions don’t require huge amounts of carbohydrate and protein consumption post workout to refuel the body. Your body still needs quality protein to maintain muscle mass and promote growth. REGO Whey Protein is an easy-to-mix shake that helps your body stay topped up on protein after workouts. 

Simply, mix with water and consume within 30-60 minutes after exercise. 

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